#LatiNegrxSex: The AfrxLatinx Sexuality Twitter Chat Storify

Last week, The Latinegrxs Project and Women of Color Sexual Health Network hosted the first ever Twitter chat on Afrxlatinx sexuality.

The conversation brought up so much for so many of us including how colorism relates to sex and sexuality in our communities and families; sexualization of Latinegrxs and Latinxs by media, in tourism, and by each of us individually as well; need for services and education; rape and sexual assault on trans and cis Latinegrxs; and need for self care, to take pleasure in ourselves despite what society or friends think!

Read the Storify here:

[View the story “Full AfrxLatinx Sexuality Twitter Chat” on Storify]

 *Thank you Kayla Rodriguez and Bianca for Storifying the tweets
Many thanks to Bianca Laureano, an LNP founder and collective member, who helped organize and pushed the conversation forward. And thank you to the collective (including our rockstar interns), the panelists, and everyone who joined the conversation and helped make it a safe space to share!Bianca is also an AfrxPuerto-Rican sexologist! Check out her work and the work of other woc sexologists here.

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