The Black Liberation 1969 Archive


Black at Swarthmore, “Rosalind Plummer (Wood),” Black Liberation 1969 Archive, accessed February 8, 2015,

Black at Swarthmore, “Rosalind Plummer (Wood),” Black Liberation 1969 Archive, accessed February 8, 2015,

“The Black Liberation 1969 Archive chronicles
this history by finally bringing forward the experiences of the black
students who organized and executed a series of nonviolent direct
actions and negotiations at Swarthmore College. In honor of the
College’s sesquicentennial, this archive challenges visitors to
reconsider the stories that have previously constituted the official
narrative and to engage with the black experience of Swarthmore in this
critical period.

In 1969, Swarthmore College’s black protest
movement, spearheaded by students in the Swarthmore Afro-American
Student Society (SASS) sat in the Admissions Office demanding increased
black enrollment. Their actions, supported by the majority of black
students including those who were not formally a part of SASS, came in
response to dwindling numbers of black students and to the insensitivity
and lack of administrative support for black students on campus.

The sit-in lasted eight days, and the
following year saw a large increase in the number of black students at
the college. That year (1970), students pushed for and received a Black
Cultural Center. The College hired black American faculty members for
the first time, and hired a black admissions dean and a black counselor.
Students worked through the College processes to establish a Black
Studies program and led their own courses while they fought for
formalized curricula. The actions they took changed the College by
making the curriculum, political life and culture of Swarthmore more
relevant for its black students. The students were the catalyst for a
needed reimagining and expansion of the meaning of Swarthmore….”


via About · Black Liberation 1969 Archive. Many thanks to Dan Royles for bringing this project to my attention on FB.


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