For reasons, I didn’t quite get to a fifth Black history read in the Left of Black interview. Hindsight is 20 x 20 but I would have added this text to the list:

Harriet Ann Jacobs. Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. Published for the author, 1861.

If ever there was a foundational primary text for the study of women and slavery, it is this one. Jacobs described growing up enslaved, the terror of living as an enslaved woman, and outlined a spectrum of violence that ranged from outright beatings to verbal sexual harassment inflicted on her by her mistress. Jacobs also described the joy she took in her family and a number of negotiations she made to survive and live in a world of slaves–including entering into an intimate liaison with another white man to protect herself from her lecherous owner and an escape North that involved hiding for seven years in her grandmother’s garret.

DocSouth has a 100% free HTML version right here for your reading pleasure.


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