My Article “Death Rites as Birthrights” is in PRINT and OUT now


Last week, I got a lovely snap from Linda Rodriguez (MMUF familia and brilliant scholar researching the art and history of Cuba) as she read the latest issue of Slavery & Abolition with my article, “Death Rites as Birthrights in Atlantic New Orleans: Kinship and Race in the Case of María Teresa v. Perine Dauphine.” It is in PRINT and out NOW.


Snapped by Linda Rodriguez! So humbled she took the time to read my work! Also, yummy pastries.


I did a happy dance. Thank you everyone (I posted full acknowledgements here) who helped make that article a reality.

If you don’t subscribe to Slavery & Abolition, you can still find the essay online here. Even if you have the print version, please click the link above and share the piece. It boosts my metrics…which matters. And if you’ve read it or taught it, slide into my messages and let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading, Linda!


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