DIGITAL: Fictions of the Haitian Revolution


Marlene L. Daut is the founder of the Haitian Revolutionary Fictions Site, an archive and bibliography of texts about the Haitian Revolution:

This website is still under construction, but basically, I want it to to act as a crossroads for literary fictions of the Haitian Revolution. By fictions, I mean texts that were composed as novels, short stories, novellas, short fictional sketches, poetry, and/or plays. When I was researching for my forthcoming book, Tropics of Haiti: Race and the Literary History of the Haitian Revolution in the Atlantic World, 1789-1865, I uncovered hundreds of such texts that had been published in the Atlantic World in the French, English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Italian, Dutch, and German languages. My aim with this website is to continue the work that I began in Tropics of Haiti (which deals for the most part with English, French, German, and Haitian-Creole language texts) by publishing the first anthology of Haitian revolutionary fictions. With every new archive that I visit, I continue to uncover more and more fictions of the Haitian Revolution, and I’m hoping that by eventually posting the bibliography here I can crowd source even more fictions of the Haitian Revolution to be included in the anthology. I plan to continuously update this website with news about when both Tropics of Haiti and the Anthology of Haitian Revolutionary Fictions will appear, as well as with news about my archival findings. I will also post any other news that might be pertinent to Haitian revolutionary fictions. I’m hoping that you will all help me as well by alerting me to any Haitian revolutionary fictions that you might have uncovered or know about.

The author asks:

***Please don’t forget to acknowledge this bibliography if this is where you first learned of a particular work about the Haitian Revolution***

The site is full of great material. Visit the site here: FICTIONS OF THE HAITIAN REVOLUTION – Home.


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