Over at @AAIHS – Charnesia Corley & a Storify for the #blkwomensyllabus

ICYMI – Daina Ramey Berry started #blkwomensyllabus in response to the assault of Charnesia Corley by Texas police. Black women and those who love black women continued it:

“What unfolded was an outpouring of material from across fields, disciplines, media formats, all paying homage to the impact violence has had on black women, black queer and trans women, and gender non-conforming black people–and the ways we resist. The list of contributors spread well beyond academia as activists, journalists, writers, media-makers, and community members from around the country and the world offered their suggestions or simply offered words of encouragement and support.

Below is the master Storify for the #blkwomensyllabus at the time of this blog posting. The list is on-going and incomplete. More material from across the worldwide African diaspora is needed. Texts and material related to black lesbian, black queer and black trans women, across time and space, is also needed. Finally, some topics could use more attention: disability studies, digital humanities, social sciences, STEM.”

Read the rest and explore the Storify at the AAIHS blog: Charnesia Corley & a Storify for the #blkwomensyllabus


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