Where to Find Me (@jmjafrx) in the Diaspora Hypertext Universe (and Beyond)

Mario De Biasi, Fumatrice di Harlem (1956) | Posted on the Harlem Collective Tumblr, July 26, 2015 (http://harlemcollective.tumblr.com)

Mario De Biasi, Fumatrice di Harlem (1956) | Posted on the Harlem Collective Tumblr, July 26, 2015 (http://harlemcollective.tumblr.com)

This year, things will shift in the Diaspora Hypertext Universe:

DH the Blog is becoming a research journal blog. This means more posts related to research I’m conducting at the Library Company of Philadelphia, things I’m reading about slavery, diaspora, intimacy, kinship, and New Orleans, or ramblings about methodology and writing. In other words, posts are about to get drafty, shorter, but, hopefully, more frequent.

The Codex lives on with some tweaks:

Vol. 1 – The African Diaspora, Ph.D. Tumblr is still up and running, and I’m recruiting Tumblristas. Me and Kidada (who is a beast in the blktwitterverse and I’m lucky to have her) have writing to do. Who wants in? Let me know.

Vol. 2 – Sometime last year, Diaspora Hypertext became Afrx Wanders… (Diaspora Hypertext). I still post on slavery and memory. You can still find it at the same place–my namesake Tumblr, http://jmjafrx.tumblr.com. But you’ll find more on me as I travel (photos, music, events, asides, occasional intimacies), more on what is happening with the #blacklivesmatter movement, more on organizing, community building, state violence, antiblackness, black futures/afrofuturism, more on pop culture. More Afrx. More me. My social media is accountable to a black feminist historian hoodrat praxis of infinite literacies. Two forthcoming articles (one collaborative with the #QueerOs digital humanities squad and one on Kismet Nuñez, alter egos, and digital black feminist and radical womyn of color online organizing) continue my process of explaining what that means. In short:

Slide from Queer OS Presentation at American Studies Association 2014

Slide from Queer OS Presentation at American Studies Association 2014

If you want more casual Afrx, tune in to this Tumblr.

Vol. 3 – Seeing Dark Matter is still exploring black diasporic visual culture across time and space. And it is gorgeous. And it is NSFW. Go visit.

I still tweet and I’m still on Facebook. Different conversations happen in each place. I try to reblog and repost links but the conversations won’t transfer. Browse around, have fun. 🙂

Beyond the Diaspora Hypertext Universe:

  • NOLA Course Archive – I’m not in Michigan so I’m not teaching my favorite course, “From Katrina to Tremé: Black New Orleans in Historical Perspective.” That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped building the archive. This year is the tenth anniversary of the natural phenomenon and unnatural disaster that was Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. There is quite a bit of information (and misinformation) circulating. I’m posting what I can keep up with on the NOLA Course Archive. Follow for updates.
  • I now blog once a month (on the 12th) for the African American Intellectual History Society (click to read past posts).
  • I’m still a member of and contribute to the LatiNegrxs Project. I’m still African-American and Puerto Rican. I’m still #blackonbothsides. I’m still accountable to the Kitchen Table and the #landofwomen.
  • Me and Vanessa Holden at Michigan State University are still organizing the Queering Slavery Working Group.
  • Black lives still matter. All of them and yes, this should be centered on those most vulnerable (sick and disabled, trans black femmes…). Fight me on it and I’ll throw the archive at you.
  • Black futures are still transformative. So is black history. And I still surf the intersection. Code that blackness.

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