Keisha Jenkins x #blkwomensyllabus

Today in Philadelphia, a 22 year old black trans woman named Keisha Jenkins was murdered by a mob of five or six young men. She was physically assaulted then shot. She is #19 this year. Those are the ones we know about. In 2015, 19 trans women have been murdered whose identity as trans was disclosed to and/or respected by the press.


I don’t have much more to offer, but the work. Sending around, again, the backstory behind Daina Berry’s #blkwomensyllabus Storify, with an ask, as always, to keep adding to it, keep talking about, keeping putting the history in relationship to the present, the future. As Farah Jasmine Griffin pointed out at #ASALH100 two weeks ago, we need not act as though transgender people of color appeared out of nowhere. Our sisters have always been here.

History can be violent (my media this week speaks right to the marrow of that) but DOING history can be a force for radical change.

This past Monday, a young black woman in Texas named Charnesia Corley was stopped by the police as she ran an errand for a family member. Officers held her down, stripped her, and forced her to undergo a cavity search (including a search of her vaginal area). Corley’s assault follows the alleged suicide of Sandra Bland, arrested after a traffic stop, also in Texas. It also follows the assault of a young girl in McKinney, TX, tackled to the ground after daring to talk back to police officers summoned to break up a teenage pool party.

Below is the master Storify for the #blkwomensyllabus at the time of this blog posting. The list is on-going and incomplete. More material from across the worldwide African diaspora is needed. Texts and material related to black lesbian, black queer and black trans women, across time and space, is also needed. Finally, some topics could use more attention: disability studies, digital humanities, social sciences, STEM….

Keisha Jenkins, 22 years old, was killed in Philadelphia on October 7, 2015.

Keisha Jenkins, 22 years old, was killed in Philadelphia on October 7, 2015.

Read the whole post: Charnesia Corley & a Storify for the #blkwomensyllabus


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