Maison Rosette Rochon, A.D. 2015* x Lagniappe

*When you write a blog post and then forget to post the image that inspired it….

2015-03-27 12.36.46Last week, I was browsing my 2015 archive of New Orleans snaps and found this one of the sign in front of “Maison Rosette Rochon.”

I lived in the Marigny, for a short but joyful time, got used to walking around and letting the architecture catch my eye, but I almost missed it as I passed. The snap above is from March. The sign is faded, drowned. You’d almost miss it. And the house.

Coming across the snap months later, I remembered the house, and I walked over to Google to see what could be seen. And then I wrote a blog post. For the footnotes visit the Afrx Tumbles for this day; I posted several images and links to other sites there.

…..your lagniappe….

Sights seen, Marigny, A.D. 2015:

And one fun femme snap for your pleasure:

Black Femme Historian Biking in Crimson Heels. No, they didn't survive New Orleans.

Black Femme Historian Biking New Orleans in Crimson Heels. Circa 2015. (Snapped by Jessica Marie Johnson)



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