DIGITAL: Freedom on the Move and Slave Resistance in New Orleans

“This interactive Google map shows original newspaper ads for fugitive slaves and contemporary locations of identified sites. Click on the name of a fugitive from the list or on a map point to reveal the ad and corresponding site. Green markers indicate points of flight; red markers, points of refuge.

These entries have been selected from roughly nine hundred advertisements—some of which appeared multiple times—placed in the New Orleans Daily Picayune for 1844. This interactive map was made possible through the efforts of graduate students and faculty from the Midlo Center for New Orleans Studies in the department of history at the University of New Orleans.

UNO’s team is part of Freedom on the Move (, a cooperative venture that seeks to digitize, analyze, and make available to the public the more than 100,000 fugitive slave ads placed in North American newspapers from the colonial period to the Civil War.  Freedom on the Move was launched by Edward E. Baptist of the Cornell University history department, Cornell University Library, and Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER). Baptist has since been joined by professors Mary Niall Mitchell of the University of New Orleans and Joshua D. Rothman of the University of Alabama.”

View: Freedom on the Move map


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