Justin George on Looking for answers in the Freddie Gray case | The Baltimore Sun

Thank you Kathleen Flynn for posting this on FB. Justin George, Richard Martin, and the staff of the Baltimore Sun are up for a Pulitzer for their reporting on Gray’s death. An intense and necessary read.
“In the days following Freddie Gray’s death, The Baltimore Sun had exclusive access to police investigators as they gathered evidence, debated legal issues and weathered public pressure….”

“Brutality allegations have not been uncommon in Baltimore Police Department — a Sun investigation last fall revealed that the city had paid nearly $6 million since 2011 in court judgments and settlements in lawsuits alleging police misconduct. Shortly after Gray’s death, the U.S. Department of Justice began a civil rights investigation of the department.”

“Wells glanced at a photo of Gray being placed in the van, an image labeled “842 7809 requests wagon to Bruce Ct.” The photo, pulled from one of many videos the task force was studying, had received little notice. Wells asked Howard, “Is he standing up there?”

“He is.”

“No way he could stand up if his spine is broken.”

“Whatever happened,” Howard said, “happened in the van.””

“Batts didn’t know the charges were coming until just before the announcement. Those in his office, including Davis and Palmere, were stunned by the suddenness of Mosby’s action. Feelings of defeat and resignation fell over some task force members who had worked 12- and 15-hour days for two weeks straight, and had hoped their work would be valued by prosecutors.”

“In September, the city agreed to pay the Gray family a $6.4 million settlement, accepting all civil liability without acknowledging any wrongdoing by police. Days later, the mayor announced that she would not seek re-election.”

Read it all: Justin George – Looking for answers in the Freddie Gray case | The Baltimore Sun


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