My timeline(s) is full of complicated feelings about Tubman on the $20 bill.

I love that we can hold so many different ways of viewing one event. I love that we live in an age where we can curate that event in real time, with receipts (#WatchtheArchive).

I love the black women historians who have protected her legacy, who fought for her to matter and who protected our empathy and care for each other, i.e. made it possible for us to care enough about Tubman to curate online today. I love that her kin wouldn’t let us forget her either. I love the activists who took up her victories and continue to take up Combahee as cause, call, and challenge.

#TodayMyBlacknessIs Harriet Tubman’s military pension, petitioned for after the war. She didn’t receive it until 1899, many years after the Civil War ended. It was in the amount of $20/month.

I’ve been posting on the #ADPhD Facebook page random notes and bits on Tubman. Feel free to take a look.


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