Mia Mingus on Love

Mia Mingus:

“I think we mistake anger for the antithesis of love, when in fact is a necessary part of love and what it means to be human in an inhumane world. I think it takes great love to be able to be angry with each other. And to be clear, I am talking about accountable anger, not abusive or malicious anger, but anger that is grounded and comes from a deep love for each other and ourselves. This kind of anger is a risk we take to be vulnerable with each other, to show who we really are and what truly matters to us. All of this, to me is love; and love is one of the greatest risks we can take. The most visionary work I have had the honor of witnessing and being part of has been work that has been grounded in love and the courage that love requires of us. Whether it is the courage to share our individual and collective anger with each other; the courage to take to the streets; the courage to build alternatives to the state; the courage to be vulnerable and humbled; or the courage to change ourselves for the better.

Read it all: Choosing Each Other and Ourselves: BGD’s Crush of the Month Featuring Mia Mingus


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