Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Samples a Puerto Rican Psych Band


More Lemonade sampling, this time from Puerto Rico:

“Turns out “Freedom” samples “Let Me Try” by Kaleidoscope, an obscure Puerto Rican band from the late 60s. Although they’re mostly known among psych diehards and vinyl collectors, Kaleidoscope have a very interesting history. The band recorded their lone, self-titled studio album after winning first place in the Dominican Republic’s Dominican Music Fest in 1968, which granted them the prize of recording at the island’s Fabiola Studios. Present during the sessions was Peruvian singer Edgar Zamudio, who had contacts with Mexican record label Orfeón and hooked them up with a deal. The band then moved to Mexico, where they played regularly with contemporaries such as La Revolución De Emiliano Zapata, Javier Bátiz, and Angélica María. They even appeared on TV and toured the country….”

The sample is especially present on “Freedom,” true, but it runs throughout the visual album, from start to finish.

Read it all via Remezcla:



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