Day 6


“It’s obvious there is an agenda against the disenfranchised, the uneducated…” – Prince on MTV News, 2004

Greg Tate:

“Eventually you morphed, tatted, and glyphed yourself into a Slave rebelling against the wrecka-business, letting earthlings know a Corsican brotherhood known as Warners owned your body and your master tapes. A tad dramatic, we thought at the time, but we now know you were delivering future shock, a pre-sagacious primer in the changing rules of the digital road — that music-making was about to become secondary to music-taking, that tech-savvy in music no longer meant keeping with the latest synths and drum machines, but with which software promised to be the most advantageous for music’s creative flow. CD-ROMs, website downloads, cross-media giveaways — you got there first. And when file-sharing came along, you didn’t play yourself like fan-litigating Metallica. You wisely waited to peep the YouTube game and then started file-starving the little buggers, on the logical grounds that if Steven Spielberg’s content couldn’t be strip-mined for free, then yours wouldn’t be, either. Hence the difficulty of finding Prince canon or iPhone concert footage on the legit net. And then comes 2014, when just as the streaming biz finds room for one more layer, you finally wrangle your masters out of Warners and license them to Tidal.” Greg Tate – Prince: A Eulogy – MTV


“Cuff links like this cost money, ok? Let’s be frank? Can we be frank? If we can’t be nothing else, we might as well be frank.” – Prince


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