Morgan on Beyoncé, Black Feminist Art, And This Oshun Bidness | Genius


Joan Morgan is glorious. Grateful for this rumination on #Lemonade, Beyoncé, Oshun’s mirror, and the hard truths we need to face if we say we are “feminist,” “accountable,” or “doing the work.”

“So what does it mean that the baddest piece of black feminist art we’ve seen in a minute comes from a woman who, when she publicly declared herself a feminist in 2014 was met with nothing short of a polarized shitstorm? Black feminist Muvva bell hooks infamously called her a terrorist during a panel talk at the New School. Others deemed her feminism woefully “bottom bitch,” too hypersexualized, capitalist, opportunist to be anything more than a publicity stunt. When Bey coos achingly in the film Why can’t you see me? Why can’t you see me?, the mirror requires we acknowledge that she’s talking about more than her husband, racism, and sexism. She’s also talking to us.”


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