Lothian on Being A Digital Amphibian


Alexis Lothian writes about being a digital amphibian and a space traveller, then takes us to WisCon, fan videos and other fan-creativity, and spaces in academia that have been built through or support the “transformative power of fandom.”

Lothian uses interworld interdependence as a framing for how navigating online and digital space needs to be intentional–not colonizing–but she is also outlining the work it takes to get there and providing examples (maps? surveys? blueprints?) of how to do the work, what accountable interdependent worlds looks like…

“…I thought I’d offer another metaphor in addition to the amphibian: that of a space traveller, moving between worlds that each have their own independent, amphibious, and multiple ecologies in which I and other travelers form a part. Our goal is to intermingle and be interdependent, not to colonize, even as power differentials are a real and unavoidable part of the movements we make. Space travel discourse is always on some level about colonization, and sometimes it can be useful to be reminded of that.

“My guide on the journey is Space Babe, the logo of the James Tiptree Jr Award for science fiction that expands and explores our ideas of gender. I am part of the organization that runs the award as well as a scholar of gender in speculative fiction, and my efforts in both directions are driven by the idea that we can transform our worlds, our ecologies, in the directions that are so desperately needed, by imagining them otherwise….”

Read it all (and view the Prezi): A digital amphibian moving through transformative worlds – Queer Geek Theory


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