Download the #LemonadeSyllabus, compiled by Candice Benbow


Candice Marie Benbow is a vision.

After Lemonade launched, Benbow issued a call for black women of all ages and disciplines to share the works of art, history, and literature that came to mind or informed their reading of the visual album. Out of the loving cipher, she compiled the #LemonadeSyllabus.

The document below, in Issu format and available for download (sign in for free) or for reading via Web or Issu app, is the product of tremendous work and care. It is beautiful. It is more than a lost of books. It compiles suggested work and provides space to take notes and mark dates read. It is a workbook, diary, and a journal. It can be printed and shared between mothers and daughters, women and their girlfriends, sisters and friends. Book clubs, book exchanges, study groups can use it. The contributors, black women writers and creators in their own right, are listed in the back. Have you cited a black woman today?

And it is free. Free 99. Labor of love by a black woman and black women who believe in each other.

So when we are talking about radical media and the ways black women love on each other and show their love and build community, this is what we are talking about.

Read it all here–then print a copy for someone who needs it. If you have means, buy one of the suggested books, print a copy, and gift it that way: 


11 thoughts on “Download the #LemonadeSyllabus, compiled by Candice Benbow

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