Jemisin and Okorafor on Masquerade, Initiation, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy


Natalie Zutter over at Tor on feminism and this event:

“Taking in the exhibit before the book club was incredibly rewarding, as the aforementioned themes became a backdrop against which to consider Okorafor and Jemisin’s selections—a chapter from Lagoon and “The Effluent Engine,” respectively. BKLYN ZULU’s work combined visuals of masquerade, the Internet, and the streets of Detroit (where Zoboi’s forthcoming novel, American Street, is set). There were a number of unintentional connections, as well: Lagoon and American Street both conjured up Legba, the Yoruba trickster god of language, communication, and the crossroads. And, in one of the night’s best moments, Okorafor said that one of the BKLYN ZULU members was dressed just like one of the masquerades who used to chase her around the streets of Nigeria with a whip as part of teasing children when the “Americanized Igbos” would visit. (When the panelists offered that she could move, Okorafor joked, “I know exactly where he is!”)

“The authors (who are all friends) discussed writing from behind or in front of a mask, how they were initiated into their identities as writers, and the usefulness (or not) of Afrofuturism as a label. Read on for the highlights!”

Read it all:

From this, I also learned about this short story by N.K.


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