Help Homer Plessy Get Presidential Medal of Freedom Consideration!


Keith Plessy started a petition to award Homer Plessy the Presidential Medal of Freedom–and it needs signatures! Read more below. Sign here!

 “This is why, as the 120th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Plessy v. Ferguson decision approaches May 18, Keith Plessy is making a push to award his fourth generation ancestor the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the country’s highest civilian honor. There’s just one problem: Time is running out.

Keith Plessy needs to collect 100,000 signatures on a We the People petition on the White House’s website by Sunday (May 15) at midnight to receive consideration and an official response. As of Wednesday, fewer than 800 people had signed the petition.

Plessy said he believes he can reach their goal. But should that fail, he hopes President Barack Obama will make the decision to honor Homer Plessy with the medal, regardless of how many signatures are collected. There are no official rules to the Medal of Freedom selection process. The president may award the honor to anyone of his or her choosing…”

Read it all: Homer Plessy needs 99,000 signatures for Presidential Medal of Freedom consideration |


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