The Bayou Fairytale in Boozoo Bajou’s Night Over Manaus

Happy Friday Thursday. *sings in Hamilton* Take a break. Clearly I need one!! Lol!

Many thanks to Sowande’ Mustakeem who shared this video and encourages us to daannnnnnceeeeeeeeee. Self care is an act of resistance. And this video is lush, a romp through a bayou filled with black fairies, menacing frogs, and gothic imagery.

The video brought to my mind a darker Princess and the Frog–and, in that darkness, channels a story that is possibly more accurate given how dark both the Grimm’s and Afrxdiasporic fairy tale pantheon are. It also may remind you of Kara Walker. It is not nearly so impressively grotesque, but that visual reference is fair. Amazing.


Published on Apr 24, 2013: Boozoo Bajou is a musical duo from Germany. They are noted for their distinct blend of cajun sounds with island rhythms. 2005 saw the release of their latest album, Dust My Broom, to much critical acclaim. The Nuremberg natives behind the music are Peter Heider and Florian Seyberth. Boozoo Bajou’s first album, Satta, was released in 2001. The list of Boozoo Bajou remixes for other artists include Common, Tosca, Trüby Trio, and Tony Joe White.


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