….because today is also Clyde Woods day….


…which is madness, pure madness, because I woke up processing Alton Sterling and thinking, man, wouldn’t Clyde have so much SHIT to say about this, about Louisiana Goddamn, and Blue Lives Matter, and the Clinton legacy of overpolicing, and the plantation complex, and neoplantation mentalities that give these cops 30 days (30 DAYS) before they need to be held accountable, and the execution style shooting, and how quickly Baton Rouge black folks mobilized, and how loud they were in real life and online, and how we know about this shooting because of them, and how they won’t let us forget black lives matter, and how in a sea of shootings and blood on the ground and bodies in trees and stripes on backs, Louisiana still got something to DAMN WELL SAY ABOUT ALL OF THIS and the Gulf South just won’t shut up until it is is free and also about holding black women close and black femmes being lifted up and indigenous lands being used…

He would have all kinds of shit to say, he would have so much shit to say….

Miss you, Pops. Still finding emails you wrote to me years ago, but I’m finding them right on time. Living in your city now; ain’t that some shit too?

He would have sooooo much to say, today. He has so much to say about today….



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