Over @AAIHS: Figueroa On Faithful Witnessing

Yomaira Figueroa

Yomaira Figueroa on faithful witnessing as doing the work:

“I was moved by the concept of faithful witnessing, jolted by the formulation of the act on paper and struck by its significance in my own life. How do we witness faithfully? When have we been witnesses, for how long, and to what? And most importantly, how do we interpret what we witness? I wrestled with these questions in the context of my own lived experiences as the daughter of Puerto Rican migrants, as a product of a working-poor family and community, and as the living legacy of colonial subjectship. Over the past few years I have written about faithful witnessing as a literary trope in the work of Afro-Latinx and Equatoguinean writers and have discussed what it means to be a faithful witness to history in my Ethnic Studies and Latino & Caribbean Studies courses at Berkeley and Rutgers…”

Read it all: On Faithful Witnessing | AAIHS

Days like this I’m grateful to work in cahoots and solidarity with radical, community accountable boos and baes like her. Ugh. Black, black joy.

Check out her blog and follow her writings here: Blog — YOMAIRA C. FIGUEROA, PH.D.


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