Baton Rouge cops barge into woman’s yard to arrest Black Lives Matter protesters she invited

Reading this and time traveling to “…no rights which the white man was bound to respect….” From Baton Rouge:

….in a video clip posted by CBS Newscorrespondent David Begnaud, the woman who hosted the protest said she was “stunned” after officers moved onto her property and told protesters to disperse. Once some of the protesters left her property and moved onto sidewalks, officers arrested them because they were allegedly going to block the nearby interstate highway.

I’m very upset,” she told CBS News. “I’m stunned at the behavior of police officers that utilized, from what I understand, the ability to take someone that I guess they targeted that was actually on the street, to bombard my yard and bombard my house.”

The protesters had been peacefully protesting on her property for around 90 minutes, The Daily Beast reports, when officers in riot gear started moving in. At this point, protesters started yelling at the officers that they were trespassing on private property.

The police justified their aggressive behavior by claiming that protesters had been planning to march down to the highway and form a blockade. The police decided to preempt this action by blocking off the interstate ramps themselves, local news station WWLV reports…”

Read it all:


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