WWNO Reporter Describes Arrest While Covering Baton Rouge Protests | WWNO

WWNO Reporter Ryan Kailath was arrested in Baton Rouge and described his experience:

Was there seemingly any logic to who was arrested and who was not?

It seemed like black people were being arrested. There were a few white people in the crowd, not too many. Through the whole about six hours of processing I was with the same group I got arrested with, and there were no white people in that group.

And you were booked incorrectly in terms of race in this process.

Yeah, nobody asked. I’m not black, but I’m not white. My parents are from India. I have light brown skin and sort of black nappy hair. And interestingly enough, I was checked into prison as black. They just speculated that I was black…”

Read/Listen to it all: http://wwno.org/post/wwno-reporter-describes-arrest-while-covering-baton-rouge-protests


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