Joyce Quaweay #SayHerName

“Quaweay’s boyfriend and the father of her two children, beat her to death with his fists and baton after stripping her naked and handcuffing her to a bench. Marquis Robinson, 41, Wright’s best friend, restrained Quaweay and moved her body so that Wright could beat her… while Quaweay’s two daughters with Wright, aged two years and ten months, watched nearby.”

This is what they did to slaves. To slaves. It feels excessive and banal and trite to say so. It feels like hyperbole. It is not. It is fact. This is what they did to female slaves. Because they would not submit.

I closed my laptop and thought I left the world of slaves behind. You left the archive and thought you left the world of slaves behind. There are no words for this, where we live. There is no time travel to explain this.

We live but we do not survive. We need new words for what we do, for how we stay, for the work of making black love and black joy and black pleasure in a world of this. Hoodrat, ratchet, rutting, dutty, raunchy, raucous words that sound like sweat and spit and groans and sighs and transform these bodies from things to be tied and whipped naked (in front of our daughters) to things beloved.

Been sitting here for the last hour, trying to write my way into that sound and those words. But all I hear is, “This is what they did to slaves.”

I am a wreck.

#SayHerName Joyce Quaweay

Source: Mother of Two Killed by Boyfriend and His Friend Because “She Would Not Submit” – The Culture


4 thoughts on “Joyce Quaweay #SayHerName

  1. Joyce Quaweay was a very close friend to my 2 daughter she was respectful,very intelligent,and she was loved by many. She will always have a place in are hearts💝. #WE LOVE YOU JOYCE. (THE ENTIRE GRAY FAMILy)💞

  2. This is misogyny, hypermasculinity on steroids and so much more. This deluded being felt it necessary to Brutalize/KILL Joyce into submission with the aid of an equally deluded friend. This guy fathers two children with her, yet is not her husband…yet he still demands submission.
    Don’t get me wrong–even if he was her husband he still had no right to brutalize this woman this way- I am pointing out the double standard of this misguided, mis-educated cretin.
    Sadly this mentality is rampant across cultures, however it seems overly practiced in cultures where men are pushed into the margins by the larger dominant society. For black women, it seems they(blk women) bear the burden of a Zora told and warned us about.
    Prayers to Joyce’s family, her children and may people evolve from this sick level of toxic masculinity.

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