Figueroa – in a time of love and fury [part 1]

This writing leaves me speechless. There is a future where we live forever. There is. I have to believe it.

Yomaira Figueroa writes:

ONE.”tell them that she even though she called the police a few times when he hit her she would [later] drop the charges. [we] could not use [that evidence] in court. he got away with murder….”

“In the face of state and intimate violence we are told that the “smoking gun” evidence of brutality, of surrender met with mercilessness, can supposedly induce sympathy from the viewing (and purportedly believing) public, and in some imaginaries leads to more reasonable uses of force. And yet, we know that even seeing is not believing when privilege and power (re)write the scripts.  But, faithful witnesses have believed before the ubiquitous video, they remember the evidence that never made it to trial, they read against the tropes that render us eliminable. We have been faithful watchers without having to see….”

Read it all: in a time of love and fury [part 1] — YOMAIRA C. FIGUEROA, PH.D.


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