Gill Interviewed by @Latina Magazine

I just adore her. Alicia Sanchez Gill in an interview with Latina Magazine:

“There are so many reasons Latinx folks are overly impacted by violence: stigma, silencing, misogyny, lack of resources, over-policing, immigration status used as a threat, threats to take children, threats to out LGBTQ Latinxs to family, misinformation about options and more.

“We want to be safe, but we also recognize that there can be additional safety risks for us if we call the police. These days, with the ways Black folks are under state-sanctioned assault, I have heard intimate partner violence survivors say that they want to drop charges against the people who have harmed them. They want to be safe, but they also don’t want their partners killed at the hands of the police or deported.

“Also, when survivors do reach out for help, they are often met with other kinds of structural barriers: lack of Spanish-speaking (or other indigenous language-speaking) staff, mainstream providers who don’t understand their culture, providers who don’t want to deal with the real complexities of our sexualities and genders, pamphlets and intake forms that have not been translated, and, even within Latina service provider culture, anti-Blackness, which can be a huge barrier for AfroLatinxs specifically.”

Read it alllllll: Woman Crush(ing the Patriarchy) Wednesday: Alicia Sanchez Gill


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