Anti-Colonial Struggles

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Yoooo one of the craziest manifestations I have been a part of. Just after this video the police charged us. I saw old men and woman on the front lines pushing them back with their hands. After they could not make any progress they started using teargas. Then the protestors picked up rocked and it was over the police had to turn around. WE WON ✊🏾 #defendpr #SeAcabaronLasPromesas #LaConferenciaNoVa #CondadoPlaza

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Thankful for our freedom fighters.

Today. Front lines of our mass protest in Puerto Rico against the continued violence against us perpetuated by the United States, corporations and the elites.








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On Wednesday August 31st. Our sisters and brothers in Puerto Rico will be protesting the “1st Promesa Conference” at Condado Plaza.
Join the Defend Puerto Rico Crew on Wednesday August 31st at 7pm, as we show solidarity and join the protest, at Camaradas El Barrio.
We will be sharing stories from  communites in Puerto Rico as well as giving you a chance to take part in several interactive experiences.

#LaJunta #PROMESA #PuertoRico #PuertoRicoLibre #PaLaCalle31 #LaConferenciaNoVa

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No pipelines in the Great Lakes.The lakes are sacred. Shutdown Line 5. Please share! #nopipelines #shutdownline5 #nodapl #nopipelinesthroughsacredwater #protectthegreatlakes #puremichigan


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