Eddins on Black Studies and the Digital Humanities | @HASTAC

Over at HASTAC, Crystal Eddins reports back from two digital humanities conferences on the way the digital intersects with black studies:

I recently attended two fantastic conferences that covered a range of new and interesting scholarship and activism happening at the intersections of the Digital Humanities and the interdisciplinary Black Studies field. My research draws on developments in the digital humanities that document histories of oppression and black resistance in the African Diaspora. I presented highlights of my research on shared consciousness, social ties, and race/ethnicity before the Haitian Revolution, and how it is facilitated by digitized runaway slave advertisements from colonial Haiti, theTrans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, and other developments in the digital humanities.

“Important themes of the #Envisioning Black Digital Spaces Conference and the Digital Blackness Conference included documenting police brutality via the #BlackLivesMatter movement and other forms of online resistance; claiming online spaces to assert Black pride, critical black thought, and gender identity; using social media to forge transnational solidarity across the African Diaspora; employing the digital humanities as educational tools to engage offline communities; and developing creative media productions on internet-based platforms….”

Read the rest: Black Studies and the Digital Humanities: New Developments | @HASTAC


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