Prison Industrial Complex Slides

Cleaning out a few teaching folders and found these gems from a lesson on the prison industrial complex. The tables and graphics came from a range of places, but special shout out to Mariame Kaba of the Prison Culture blog, who has been doing this work longer than many of us have been “woke” (and doing it Chicago, my hometown!!).

What I liked about using these particular slides in class is how students immediately connected the first slides on rape, sexual assault, and intimate violence against women of color to the ways women of color end up incarcerated to ways they remain invisible in conversations around the police violence and the PIC. Except to the extent women of color step up and make noise (i.e. Combahee, intersectionality as theorized by Crenshaw, INCITE! Women, Gender Non-Conforming, and Trans people of Color* Against Violence, #SayHerName initiative as led by AAPF and Crenshaw), intimate and state violence against women of color are illegible and disconnected from each other. Students did a bit of making the connection by discussing the information in these slides.

Check out the gallery below and download them as a PowerPoint here:


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