#FreedomSquare Statement on 41 Days of Loving Lawndale & Imagining a World Without Police ​

Reading this is important. Imagining a world without prisons is hard, hard work. Implementing it is hard work. I’m amazed by what I was able to witness from a distance. For all of those learning and healing from their time on site–take your time and thank you for loving us all as hard as you do.

“On August 31, the sleeping tents at Freedom Square, slowly, sadly came down. The first aid canopy came down. The arts & crafts canopy came down. The free clothing store, free library, and pantry still stand, with some produce ready to throw on the grill. The basil is growing strong in the garden.

“Across from Homan Square, the tent city occupation was a spontaneous decision born out of a spectacle of civil disobedience on July 20th. We at the #LetUsBreathe Collective had only six small tents, a grill, a will to love Lawndale beyond shutting down traffic for a couple of hours in front of the notorious CPD black site, and a vision for a world without police. We had no meetings, no budget, no dedicated staff, just a handful of people who were willing to camp out. We didn’t know if we’d hold it through the night, but hoped the goal of opposing ‘Blue Lives Matter’ legislation, calling out the illegal detention and torture happening across the street, and building consciousness for abolitionist politics would garner support. We figured however long we could hold the space, we’d use it as a tool to give out free clothes, free books, free food, and cold water to the community….”

Read it all: letusbreathe | #FreedomSquare


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