The Codex Log: 2016 October 31 | 15:27:28

Happy Halloween. Minor changes afoot….

  • New clothes (i.e. template, avatar) for Vol. II and regime change. From “Afrx Wanders…” (the jmjafrx on leave name) to “In the Land of Women.” Why? You’ll see.

  • Reinvigorated purpose in Vol I. Kidada Williams on much deserved break. Images in constant circulation. Diaspora/Slavery/Academy things continue to float there with many hat tips to Ana Lucia Araujo’s #slaveryarchive
  • Vol. III – continues as is, for glory
  • And, in case you haven’t noticed, Vol. IV got a reboot. Yes, the reboot coincided with the release of Beyoncé’s Lemonade. No, I have not taken time to flesh out on paper what that reboot means or the kind of work happening in this particular volume. Letting it flourish in the creative [draft space] until I feel the need to write/right out a rationale. In the meantime, enjoy black femme diasporic visual aesthetic free/unfree decodes as they appear. Submit if you think you have figured out the theme.
  • The other volumes remain just underwater (private and hidden). For now.

And a bonus pic from the Seeing Dark Matter archive…


Sea Changes & Mermaids by artist Karin Miller | Posted by @praisehouse on Tumblr


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