Me (@jmjafrx) at #SHA2016

Had a blast attending and delivering one of the plenary talks at the 2016 Southern Historical Association meeting.

I joined Kathleen Brown, William Sturkey, Ed Baptist, and Jim Giesen to discuss new directions in southern history. Huge thanks to Kathy and Jim Downs for being amazing cheerleaders–their enthusiasm for my work is a galvanizing force!

I also had a chance to join digital slavery guru Bill Thomas, Celia Naylor and Peter Wood on a panel discussing slavery, history, public engagement and teaching. Quality time with members of the Southern Association of Women Historians throughout the conference was icing on the cake.

This was my first Southern and I will definitely return. I didn’t take photos during the conference, so my thanks to Natanya Duncan for taking a snap of me during the public engagement panel.

I did take a few photos in St. Petersburg. A walk along the waterfront gifted me this fellow – an elephant, lounging, on skates…

#SHA2016 (at Saint Petersburg, Florida)



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