The Black Ballots Mixtape

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Photographs and Prints Division, The New York Public Library. “The Fifteenth Amendment” New York Public Library Digital Collections.

Schomburg Center releases more from the Black Ballots Mixtape this Election Day 2016:

“Black Ballots Mixtape presents audio selections from items housed in the Schomburg Center’s Moving Image and Recorded Sound division. In collaboration with the Schomburg Center’s Black Ballots event, this playlist collects several excerpts from speeches related to black people and voting.

“Conversations about black people and elections did not begin in 1870, with the ratification of the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. They did not end in 1965, with Congress’s passage of the Voting Rights Act. These two pieces of American legislation do not serve as the boundaries for examining the disenfranchising of people of color. Voter suppression continued in the form of mandatory literacy tests, voter ID laws, and gerrymandering. While more than half a century separates us from these recordings, their messages could not be more relevant. For more information about these and other audiovisual items related to black ballots, please contact”

Listen here:


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