From 2014: Simpson on “An Indigenous View on #BlackLivesMatter” — YES! Magazine

Worth recirculating: 

“Amid the mainstream media’s coverage of these events, it seems difficult for Canadian and American society to see that love and rage are justified—to see indigenous and black people as fully human. I am repeatedly told that I cannot be angry if I want transformative change—that the expression of anger and rage as emotions are wrong, misguided, and counterproductive to the movement. The underlying message in such statements is that we, as indigenous and black people, are not allowed to express a full range of human emotions. We are encouraged to suppress responses that are not deemed palatable or respectable to settler society.

“But the correct emotional response to violence targeting our families is rage.

“We have survived 400 years of racialized, gendered violence designed to remove us from our lands and assimilate us into the colonizer’s agenda. The idea that we should all remain positive and calm, while 1,200 indigenous women and girls are disappeared in Canada, while black people are gunned down in the streets by white police officers, security guards, and vigilantes every 28 hours, while the legal system will not even provide a trial to the perpetrators of violence, is unfathomable.”

Read it all:


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