Playing with the portfolios feature on WordPress dot com and decluttering my mind a bit. Hunter-gathering. Data mining. Going down the rabbit hole.

Trying to dismantle and unravel what cannot be undone. And that’s fine. The world has ended for us before, it will again. Over and over again. Let us have patience with ourselves. Let us trick time into circles, so that we aren’t rushed fast and forward into old obstacles with a new dishonesty. This isn’t any other November. And we have a long way–many, many years–to go.

New obstacles bring new challenges. Snapped this a few weeks ago at #StudioBe in New Orleans and I keep returning to it:



Explore the collections so far. Feel free to make suggestions by leaving a comment on this post.

Femmes of Color First

Radical Feminists (womyn – femme – trans- cis- gnc) of Color in Coalition

Digital Black Life

Texts and Projects Hacking Black Life x for Insurgent Survival x Doing Radical Media

Digital Black Study

Digital Black Studies x Digital Africana Studies x Digital Humanities


Beyoncé (and related black femme-centric popular culture things)

Carceral Studies

“…and what I learned about prison in the United States, is that it’s a new form of plantation…” – Assata Shakur


“This was a whitelash.” Van Jones, November 8, 2016


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