Vague, post-Caribbean Digital (#SXCD2016) thoughts on maroon solidarities between black and Native folks. Thinking with Schuyler Esprit’s Create Caribbean and the labor of working and theorizing with our communities and not above, below, or around them.

Thoughts on seeing black and Native as co-conspirators absconding into the cypress swamp. Not through opposed political identities. And not through antiblack infusions of mixed race identity based on real or fictive Native descent.

So that struggles engaged in by Native people are also my struggles not just because of a progressive rightness or fitness of struggle. But because their freedom presupposes my own. And vice versa.

The two firms involved, Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco Logistics, attacked the move as a “purely political action”.

Noting that the project already has court approval, the companies accused the White House of abandoning the rule of law “in favour of currying favour with a narrow and extreme political constituency”….

Plus it hardly needs pointing out that Barack Obama, whom the protestors praise for this decision, will soon be succeeded by Donald Trump, a supporter of the project who has previously invested in Energy Transfer Partners and may still hold stock in a related firm, Phillips 66.

It would be a very big surprise indeed were Mr Trump not to try to reverse a move by the Corps of Engineers which one Republican in North Dakota said sent a “very chilling signal” for the future of infrastructure in the US.

Emphasis mine.

Read it all: Standing Rock protest: Companies attack Dakota Pipeline ruling – BBC News


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