New Course. Spring 2017. Black Code Studies.

I got excited so I made a thing. Consider this album cover #1.


Black Code Studies: Black History and Digital Media

AS.100.358, History x Africana Studies

TTh – 3:00 – 4:15 p (Spring 2017)

Dr. Johnson

This course explores the making of histories of people of African descent in an age of digital and social media. The focus will be on African-descended communities in the United States, but content will range across time space. Examples include: West African digital art communities; the use of slave trade databases to write Caribbean history; and the use of social media in social justice organizing from Paris to Baltimore. Students will explore questions of blackness, race, ethnicity, sex and sexuality, violence and justice while learning more about and creating digital content using platforms like WordPress, Omeka, Twitter, and Tumblr. Students will be evaluated on their acquisition of African American and Afrx-Diasporic history; their knowledge of digital and social media platforms; and their ability to creatively and accurately relate the histories of blackness and black people to their representation and discussion online.

This course conspires to abscond. We will be working alongside the Black Code Studies Working Group at Duke University under the direction of Dr. Mark Anthony Neal.


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