Baltimore Afrofuturist Jason Harris, “MotherShip: MotherVerse”

“This month we had the pleasure of talking with Afrofuturist writer Jason Harris, author of the anticipated novel Fly, Girl. In 2012, he published the speculative anthology titled Redlines: Baltimore 2028. His engaging work reflects his dedication and commitment to collaborations and fostering lasting partnerships within his community. Jason Harris continues to support arts education focused on the diaspora. With this in mind, his work is centered on the diaspora and is especially attentive to the impact of flight or travel as well as Black womanhood. We talked to Jason Harris about his recent short film “MotherShip:MotherVerse,” which, we are happy to say can be found on our videos section of the archive, about some of these very topics, and much more. Not only did he tells us about the reasoning and influence of flight and the role of Black womanhood in this new short film, Jason Harris was happy to drop some knowledge and share some music with us! What more could we ask for? You tell us! Read our interview here…”

Source: Afrofuturist Writer Transfers Work into Film: Interview with Jason Harris about “MotherShip: MotherVerse” | mysite


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