Watch “Alone” at #Nola 

H/T New Orleans Film Society

“I thought of my friend Aloné Watts, whose name holds a bitter aptness, because it describes her own ongoing isolation because of her partner’s incarceration. Aloné’s boyfriend, Desmond Watson, was arrested in October 2015 on a series of nonviolent charges. He has been in a private prison near their home in New Orleans ever since, in personal and legal limbo as he awaits a trial. The facility prohibits in-person visits, and Aloné is compelled to pay up to $400 a month to communications companies like City Tele Coin and Securus to maintain any contact.
“So it made sense to me when, in November of 2016, Desmond asked Aloné to marry him. He did so in a handwritten letter, 10 pages long, sent through the mail. In it, he told the story of his 30-year life, culminating in a request to be understood and loved, despite the mistakes he has made and the mistakes made toward him


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